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TrēZ Portfolio

The TrēZ collection is offered in Limited Editions of 250. Starting size is 24" x 36" (roughly) with larger sizes routinely produced. Finished prints are permanently ahered to black gator board and mounted in a heavy black wood frame with a 1/4" setack to create a shadow box effect. We do not use glass or plexi, as we want nothing to detract from the image purity. Special orders are processed in the order received.

We offer non-limited edition 16x20 compatible prints on special order.


 281 Cafe Roadhouse Aquamarine Mountains Bare Tree Glow Barn Shadow Broad Solo Tree

 Solo Tree BW Carlton House BW Dark Shed BW Dr Pepper BW Food Roof BW

 Gnarled BW House in the Woods BW Lone Teal BW Shanagarry BW Shed Tree BW

 Spreading Shadows BW Sunset Pond BW Wide Solo BW Solo Ireland BW Carlton

 Copse Courthouse Dark Shed Dr Pepper Factory Water Tower

 Food Roof Freaky Tree V GGB Gnarled Ice Blue Gnarled Violet Blue

 Horse Trailer House in the Woods Ice Blue Barn Trees Ice Blue Trees Violet Meadow Independence

 JC Bank Ki Lone Teal Ominous Limb Pigs Fly

 Shanagarry Solo Magenta Sky Spreading Shadows - Wide Spreading Shadows Strange Brew

 Sunset Pond Teal Burgers Teal Tree Courthouse Tioga High Noon Twin Shanagarry Trees

 Vicksburg Violet Windswept Vivid Barn Violet Grass Vivid Solo Tree Vivid Teal Amber Sky

 Zion Bluebonnet Tree

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~ Marshall McLuhan

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